Colombian coconut rice

Colombian coconut rice or Arroz con Coco, is one of the biggest staples of Colombian cuisine; originally from the Colombian Caribbean coast and more specifically Cartagena, it has spread to the whole country. This is my perspective, then again I lived for about 12 years in that region, so I would say my view is

Chickpea and Sausages Stew

Recently, I came across this chickpea and sausages stew recipe quite  while I was searching for inspiration. I find it to be simple quick and a delicious hardy meal for the whole family. After having found the most delicious “gourmet” Italian Seasoning sausages by chance and going through a couple of intense Colombian style hotdog for dinner

Cheese and Herbs Scones

These super savory and flavour packed scone will knock your socks off! Sharp cheddar cheese comes together like a simphony with Provence herbs, making the perfect side dish to soups, salads. You can even enjoy them on their own with cream cheese and cooked ham. Enjoy!  

Spinach, Bacon and Shiitake Mushrooms Quiche

This spinach, bacon and shiitake mushrooms quiche recipe is originally my mother in-law’s recipe and it’s perfect if you want to have left overs, the flavours get better over night!  I am a huge fan of quiche and have made tuna quiche many times, however I had never eaten bacon and mushrooms quiche. In this recipe there

Taco friday anyday of the week

I live in Norway and here Taco dinner for Friday nights is almost an institution. I love tacos as much as the next person,  however the ready made salsas and taco seasonings just give me the chills. Lately the availability of these products in the supermarkets has increased a lot making it very tempting to use them.