Thai Beef Salad

This fresh, tangy and delicious Thai beef salad is the perfect option for those rare days you have some leftover grilled beef, however if you are like the hubs and tend to not leave any meat  behind, you can simply grill or pan fry the beef when preparing this recipe. It will only add 15

Sunday BBQ Burgers

Sunday afternoon in Oslo: Summer is here and it’s warm and sunny outside… What to do? Seaside (fjord  side to be precise) grilling of course!  Good summer days in Oslo are precious and grilling is a must! Today on the BBQ: Burgers! This is my husbands goto recipe for Burgers, from the meatlover’s online bible

Taco friday anyday of the week

I live in Norway and here Taco dinner for Friday nights is almost an institution. I love tacos as much as the next person,  however the ready made salsas and taco seasonings just give me the chills. Lately the availability of these products in the supermarkets has increased a lot making it very tempting to use them.