Mango and Avocado Poke Bowl

I was lurking at the local supermarket one sunny summer day and saw this beautiful Salma fillet, which is a brand of really good quality salmon in Norway. I just had to have it! My mouth was watering at the thought of it. I went home and thought about how to best have this beautiful

Salmon burritos with Mango salsa

This salmon burritos are everything you want in a burrito, tasty, juicy, tangy and fresh. I felt that we had gotten into a Salmon rut, it seemed like we had gone through all of our salmon recipes and I was a bit tired of the same old, same old. So, I decided to go for some

Baked Lemon Salmon

This is my goto recipe everytime I want to make something delicious and as usual are running short of time.  This salmon recipe is simple and quick but still delivers the delicious homecooked feeling. My husband, first made this for me one day after work as a casual dinner together when we were both starving.