Sometimes Life catches up with you

So yesterday my 1 year old decided it was about time to start walking! Yey, super excited for this huge development step, but actually i’m so happy I managed to experience it first hand! Having gone back to work, I thought I would be missing his first steps. However yesterday I came home from work and he just started walking! So, obviously the world came to a stop, our dinner forgotten in the oven and life just stood still while my son laughed and marveled at his new achievement.

My point, life happens and not all meals look like they belong in the front of Food magazine.

Case and point:  


Steak and Potatoes
Steak and Potatoes

Now, don’t get me wrong, we eneded have a wonderful meal of Grilled Steak and Potatoes with chimicurri sauce. Toasted to our son’s achievements and enjoyed a delicious meal. Even if the potatoes were a bit over cooked. 

Enjoy life! 

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