Alternatives to homemade

Saturday’s are really busy at home. So we usually  end up having brunch at home and then an early dinner out. Earlier, we had been doing our groceries and decided that since we were not going to have time to do anything great ourselves, we might as well just buy something ready-made and make some sides to it and still get the homemade(ish) experience.

Our local grocery store “Rema1000” has this amazing offer of sous vide baby back ribs, which we happen to find to be amazing. According to my husband “the return of the investment is greatly exceeded” or something like that. Because you get super fall of the bone tender meat after only 25 minutes on the grill or grill element in the oven. When homemade it takes about a days baking to achieve such tenderness.

We ended up managing to get all out errand done and still have an amazing family dinner. 

BBQ baby back ribs, homemade coleslaw and grilled corn ( my husband actually fired up the grill for the corn, for which I’m eternally greatful )

Happy Saturday!

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