I’ve been making this scones recipe for as long as I can remember; I called them back then “Panecillos”. This was the Colombian Spanish name for Scones, something that took me a couple of decades to realize as Panecillos (or Scones) have always been a natural part of my life. As you guessed, this is

Homemade Granola

I just love making this Granola. It’s an adapted version of Nigella’s Granola but with A LOT less added sugars and basically every type of nut and seeds I have in my pantry. The real key here is adding the apple sauce and the spices which give this granola an amazing richness in flavour and

American Lumberjack Breakfast 

Lumberjack breakfast, a staple of Diners in the USA, also know as my SO’s favourite breakfast, is a favourite in our home.  I have made some adjustments our allergies are taken into account, but the spirit of the dish is the same: Pancakes in our case (banana pancakes) they have to stack considerably, so at

Colombian Style Arepas

Arepas are a basic part of the Colombian diet. We eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s our style street food and we believe our mother makes the best version of it. In short we LOVE arepas, they are so versatile and a great replacement for bread when you feel like mixing things up

Walnut and Banana pancakes

These banana pancakes are perfect for Sunday breakfast or brunch or even as lunchbox for the kids . Described by my husband with “They are the bomb”, they are soft, airy, almost dissolving in your mouth at every bite and packed with delicious banana flavour. You can even  go for an extra twist by adding peanut