Chickpea and Sausages Stew

Recently, I came across this chickpea and sausages stew recipe quite  while I was searching for inspiration. I find it to be simple quick and a delicious hardy meal for the whole family. After having found the most delicious “gourmet” Italian Seasoning sausages by chance and going through a couple of intense Colombian style hotdog for dinner

Baked Lemon Salmon

This is my goto recipe everytime I want to make something delicious and as usual are running short of time.  This salmon recipe is simple and quick but still delivers the delicious homecooked feeling. My husband, first made this for me one day after work as a casual dinner together when we were both starving.

Creamy and Delicious Hummus

I’ve been a fan of Hummus for a very long time. Creamy, smooth, tangy, the perfect companion for pita bread and a glass of red wine. I was introduced  to it a very long time ago. For part of my childhood I lived in a city called Barranquilla in the Caribbean coast. Barranquilla is, believe it

Peach, Cured Ham and Blue cheese Salad

Ever since I found this peach and cured ham salad, I have been modifying it to enhance even more the flavours. It really feels like you are indulging yourself when you eat this salad. I promise! The recipe calls for peach and I prefer to use peach during the summer as it is in season, however, I

Orange, Ginger and Carrot Soup

This is not your run of the mill carrot soup, this here is my carrot soup with a twist! Packed with flavours; the sweetness and tanginess of the orange, sharpness of the ginger and in the back the carrot that wraps all of it together with a hint of heat from fresh red chili. A wake up

Quick and Easy Coleslaw 

So, I adore coleslaw!  Funny thing though I used to hate it with all of my might, until one day when, my husband planned a surprise dinner date at home. I sat gladly to the table and saw coleslaw, steak and potatoes. Wait, coleslaw? Oh, crap!  I decided: well I’ll give it a go, at

Crispy Chicken Salad

You know those days you are bored of the same old same old. Well today it was one of those days. It was chicken salad day, I usually love chicken salad day but today I wanted something more interesting. So my regular pan seared chicken ended up being cut into medium sized cubes and then

Watermelon Greek Salad

Really, the best discovery when it comes to salads!Yes! That’s right, watermelon in NON fruit salads is a thing. If it’s not, then it should be! Because this Greek salad with a twist is simply mind blowing. Replacing tomatoes with watermelon in a Greek salad just works soooooo incredibly  well that you really need to try

Taco friday anyday of the week

I live in Norway and here Taco dinner for Friday nights is almost an institution. I love tacos as much as the next person,  however the ready made salsas and taco seasonings just give me the chills. Lately the availability of these products in the supermarkets has increased a lot making it very tempting to use them.