About Me

As most of people I describe myself as many things. Some titles I’ve gotten just recently some are and intrinsically embedded in who I am. But I’ll try to break it down a little bit as it influences very much the food that I prepare at home.

I am a bit of a nomad. My home, I carry it in my heart and wherever I am that is where home is, if only for a little while. I believe we have many homes, places that when you cross the door you immediately feel the heaviness of your suitcases (both literally and metaphorically speaking) go away.

I was born in Colombia thirty-some years ago, and even there I moved across the country several times with my family. So adapting to my surrounding is pretty much second nature to me. However one thing that always stayed the same was the food we ate at home, growing up we weren’t much into eating out. My mom is a stay at home mom that would always have lunch boxes packed early in the morning along with our breakfast ready and dinner ready when we came home. (I know I’m lucky to have had that and I am truly grateful for my amazing mother).

My mother has always been into cooking and she is a great cook, always trying to push her catering business. As children we would sometimes work during the weekends packing homemade brownies or other desserts or helping out with decorating cakes or making cookies or the likes. So basically I’ve always been around food if not to eat at home to sell with my mom’s catering business.

During my twenties I travelled a bit around Europe and lived in Spain for some time. This gave me an insight into  Spanish  cuisine and tickled my interest for Mediterranean cuisine as whole. I was very lucky to be able to experience authentic Andalusian cuisine and see first hand the attitude  they have towards food and life which really resonated with me in many levels.

Now in my thirties I find myself having stablished my home in Norway, of all places!. I became a mom a wife and changed carrier. I have travelled to more mediterranean countries and having escaped student life economy, or lack of it, I have been able to try out many different restaurants and more “High End Cuisine”.

These things together have determined our daily meals and our special occasions menus. All in all, at home we LOVE to cook! My husband is a great cook and we both enjoy making and eating good food.

Recently we have started researching for new recipes to experiment with and have found so many new things to try out that I decided to make this site and share our journey into world cuisine.



I’m a mom to a beautiful one year old, full of life, cute as babies come baby boy, wife, food lover, traveller, avid snowboarder and enabling all of these things is my full time job as a front end developer. You want to check out more of me in my daytime version  you can: CHECK OUT MY PORTFOLIO or my LINKEDIN profile